Dental Treatment Planning & Services

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Digital Implant Planning & Treatment

Implants can now be planned and placed using all digitally obtained records. A special guide is digitally created and then used to place the implant(s) with high precision. Then the impressions to complete both the implant abutment (the part the restoration attaches to) as well as the final crown/restoration are completed and fabricated digitally.

Restorative Care & Care of TMJ Disorders

From the most simple to the very complex, Pre-planning with attention to detail prior to actual treatment is a must. It begins with a thorough exam which goes beyond the basics to evaluate TMJ health and stability. Stable, comfortable function of the teeth, supporting structures, and the jaws are all important treatment objectives. Many painful jaw problems can be stabilized rather routinely. Splints are sometimes used and in some cases such as when the bone of the jaw is unstable and deteriorating, they are not the treatment of choice and can create more instability and non reversible outcomes. We have many years of direct patient care in this area-solving difficult restorative problems, as well as, TMJ problems.

Preventive Care-Designed to help you maintain your teeth for a lifetime.

Preventive care is something dentists and hygienists always talk about. Why are we different? We have a periodontal Health Program we are very proud of and commit to do a thorough evaluation of probing and recording the sulcus of each tooth to follow trends and ultimately stability. We will recommend and provide treatment and education to maintain and improve your periodontal health. The recommendations for intervals of cleaning will help you maintain a healthy mouth and a healthy body as many research articles are showing. Gum disease is the number one reason for tooth loss and has been shown to have an effect on heart health.

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